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As our 2022 auction schedule fills up, we would like to offer an AMAZING discount for Sellers who schedule an auction with us before the end of the first quarter. We are offering to waive the online hosting fee ($250) AND for the first time ever, were are giving 1% of the net sale back to our Sellers. We couldn't think of a better way to put more money in our Seller's pocket. If you have ever considered an auction, NOW is the time!


Online Hosting Fee Waived

This $250 fee paid to our web hosting service will be waived for the Seller and The Swicegood Group will pay this fee.

Money back to Seller

At settlement, the Seller will receive EXTRA funds equal to 1% of the net sales for both real estate and personal property auctions.

Limited time and availibility

Our 2022 auction calendar is filling up quickly, and we would like to extend this one time AMAZING offer! The offer expires at midnight on March 31, 2021. Don't delay, reserve your spot today!

Advantages to the Auction Process

  • ZERO Seller-paid commission on Real Estate Sales. Personal property auction commissions are determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Time Defined solutions - Real estate sales can close in 60 days total, personal property sales can take place in 30 days.

  • Seller Focused Contract - The traditional real estate contract favors the BUYER heavily. The auction process puts the SELLER in control!

  • Seller isn't forced to sell - Our auctions can be with reserve or absolute. We can set a reserve that the Seller is comfortable with that will ensure they aren't exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.

We believe the auction process will put more money in our Seller's pocket in the shortest amount of time!

Don't miss this opportunity!

Take advantage of this AMAZING limited time offer to put more money into your pocket. Schedule your auction today and let The Swicegood Group help you make the selling process simple!

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